"I just wanted to say thank you for such a great job on my dirty windows, it was the best $300 I've spent in a long time and your team did excellent work. I will most definitely be recommending you. Thank you!!!!"-----Rachel Connor, local homeowner
"The team was very respectful throughout the whole experience from washing the windows to taking extra care not to damage any of the interior furniture and fixtures"-----Kiko Pena, business owner
"Thanks, the windows look amazing. It's not just that I see them once and think oh that's nice. They glare back at me all the time and I am amazed."-----Penny Mcdill, local homeowner
"Thank you for the excellent work."-----Brent Waldron, real estate agent
"Thank you! Great job"-----Greg Rulon, real estate agent
"Love having you on board as you not only do excellent work but also communicate with the others working around you and with you!"-----Joyce Wirth, interior decorator
"You guys are awesome! We appreciate the prompt work and quality of work! We will be using you and referring you in the future!"-----Megan Kapelli, property manager
"Thank you for a job well done"-----Tom Sherlock, general contractor
"The guys were considerate and fast. The windows have never looked better"-----Gayle Mortell, local homeowner
"Staff was friendly, reliable, and my windows look great!"-----Louise Johnson, local homeowner
"Thanks for your help, and glad everything is clean!"-----Llwyd Ecclestone, developer
"Great job, looked nice"-----Kevin Gibson, local homeowner
"Can't believe how clean you got the windows!"-----Peigi Droysen, local homeowner
"Really appreciate you jumping in so quick!"-----Rebecca Richardson, architect
"Thanks so much! Ms. Stites said you did a great job. Our office building looks so nice now too."-----Stacey Craft, real estate agent
"Windows look great thank you and your crew."-----James Ferraro, property manager
"I greatly appreciate it, the guys that were here did well, I will keep you in mind for the next one"-----Marco, general contractor
"Thanks so much for doing windows the other day. They look fantastic. Thank you so much!"-----Katie Yturri, local homeowner
"Thank you for all your work so far. The windows are looking fantastic!"-----Roger Smith, hotel general manager
"You are awesome!"-----Alice Brien
"Thank you, and I've already recommended you to several others."-----Patty Schaffner, local homeowner
"Great job today. Windows look dynamite."-----Rob Holton, local homeowner
"Very reliable and easy to work with!"-----Courtney Kleager, business owner