"I just wanted to say thank you for such a great job on my dirty windows, it was the best $300 I've spent in a long time and your team did excellent work. I will most definitely be recommending you. Thank you!!!!"-----Rachel Connor, local homeowner

"The team was very respectful throughout the whole experience from washing the windows to taking extra care not to damage any of the interior furniture and fixtures"-----Kiko Pena, business owner

"Thanks, the windows look amazing. It's not just that I see them once and think oh that's nice. They glare back at me all the time and I am amazed."-----Penny Mcdill, local homeowner

"Thank you for the excellent work."-----Brent Waldron, real estate agent

"Thank you! Great job"-----Greg Rulon, real estate agent

"Love having you on board as you not only do excellent work but also communicate with the others working around you and with you!"-----Joyce Wirth, interior decorator

"You guys are awesome! We appreciate the prompt work and quality of work! We will be using you and referring you in the future!"-----Megan Kapelli, property manager

"Thank you for a job well done"-----Tom Sherlock, general contractor

"The guys were considerate and fast. The windows have never looked better"-----Gayle Mortell, local homeowner

"Staff was friendly, reliable, and my windows look great!"-----Louise Johnson, local homeowner

"Thanks for your help, and glad everything is clean!"-----Llwyd Ecclestone, developer

"Great job, looked nice"-----Kevin Gibson, local homeowner

"Can't believe how clean you got the windows!"-----Peigi Droysen, local homeowner

"Really appreciate you jumping in so quick!"-----Rebecca Richardson, architect

"Thanks so much! Ms. Stites said you did a great job. Our office building looks so nice now too."-----Stacey Craft, real estate agent

"Windows look great thank you and your crew."-----James Ferraro, property manager

"I greatly appreciate it, the guys that were here did well, I will keep you in mind for the next one"-----Marco, general contractor

"Thanks so much for doing windows the other day. They look fantastic. Thank you so much!"-----Katie Yturri, local homeowner

"Thank you for all your work so far. The windows are looking fantastic!"-----Roger Smith, hotel general manager

"You are awesome!"-----Alice Brien

"Thank you, and I've already recommended you to several others."-----Patty Schaffner, local homeowner

"Great job today. Windows look dynamite."-----Rob Holton, local homeowner

"Very reliable and easy to work with!"-----Courtney Kleager, business owner

"Staff was friendly reliable and my windows look great!"——-Louise Johnson

"The guys were considerate & fast. The windows have never looked better"——-Gayle Mortell

"Great Job! Thank you!”----Rose Petals

"The work was very good although not perfect. Some streaks on some Windows.”----Heather Beach

"You know why. Great job all around.”----Joe

"Thank you for s job well done.”----Sherlock Homes Construction

"You guys are awesome! We appreciate the prompt work and quality of work! We will be  using you and referring you in the future!”----Preferred Property Managment

"Very reliable and easy to work with !”----Courtney Kleager

"Only some exterior (upper) window corners were not fully cleaned.”----Bernie Oldfield

"Good planning, good communication, poor execution.”----Keith

"They may not have done windows in upper inside southside stairwell. Not sure if they got on ladder to do inside and out. Difficult reach even with a ladder. If new owner complains I will have you come back

No worries

Thanks”----Doug Nehasil

"The work was done well and quickly.  Both of the men who came to my house were friendly & polite.
I do not have another company to compare Birds Beware to so I did not rate with a ten.  I do appreciate the new email system even though I did not read it completely so did not confirm my appointment causing some confusion.  I also think the gutter cleaning is a great service to advertise as many people are not able to do this and have no idea who could help them with this chore.”----Joyce Jurgens

"Fast, efficient, professional.  Did a fantastic job!  Will book again for regular cleaning twice a year.”----Kimberley Perrin

"The guys were careful, respectful and pleasant!! Plus they did a nice job on my filthy windows.”----Wendy Harrison

"You are easy to schedule, you are prompt, professional and efficient and easy to talk to!  Very pleased!”----Julie Woodruff

"These guys work at a great pace with quality results!”----Sweeney construction

"The guys were quick, diligent, tidy and polite!”----Mary Jane Nunes

"They were great. Very responsive and responsible!  I wasn't able to see all the windows for clarity since it was so dreary, but I assume they all look good!”----Donna Fisher

"The worse window washing experience. The Windows where all dirty after a team of 4 guys supously washed I have to call u back and at the end I have to wash the Windows myself to have them properly clean for the owners arrival. Very unprofessional, zero attention to details all the frames where left wet, dirty and full of the soapy water and so much more... I don't think I will use your services again or recomended to anyone. ”----Eypro Services

"Thank you so much for doing the glass part of some windows.  I understood that the window seals were going to be cleaned as well. I also did not know you were coming. My family was home alone for a week so the house was not ready!! The weather was not great, it was cold and snowing. I would have preferred a better day with some notice. Thanks for your efforts.”----Irma Starbucks

"The guys were professional, prompt and did an amazing job on all of the glass in our offices!  They are spotless.”----Bowden Properties

"Don't know who else might need your services”----Mike Czajkowski

"Great job.
Many Thanks.
You guys are the best!!!
Easy to work with and very organized and helpful!!!”----Sandy Smith

"Some areas needed to be redone because were still dirty when were ready to leave. Did identify multiple scratches that were perhaps old. Still have areas where could be cleaner. Overall, quick and courteous.”----Scott Gallagher

"I am so pleased with my windows every time you have done them.  I do pass your name along to friends.  Thank you.”----Nancy Dever

"Lots of window washers won't do gutters, too.  Team was able to get it all done with little disruption.  Courteous and efficient.  Only issue was the quote was $216 but was told the amount was $350.  Settled on $216 plus $45 for an extra 45-minutes of gutter time.”----Jim Noyes

"Lots of soapy water left on the back deck after the guys departed, which we had to clean up right away because we had a real estate showing.”----Heather Beach

"Professional team that did a very good job.”----John Krousouloudis

"Thank you very much! Excellent job!!”----Mike Connors

"Super job! Thanks!”----Camille Schuman

"Overall a good job, I expected a little more attention to small details, water left on sills and window pulls, one basement window water film not fully removed.”----Ronald Niemeyer

"The process for setting up an appointment was efficient and well done.  The team arrived on time and were very polite.  The reminder of the appointment was very good.  The problem is that the washers did not wipe down the window frames and the corners of the windows were not  cleanly finished so that the marks from the cleaning show and the window frames on all the front windows were all yellow with pollen.”----Nancy Dunlap

"Quick response, good cleaning”----Brenda O'Connor


"The window washing appointment has not been done, in fact no show for 8 am appointment this morning. Your schedule sucks.”----Christine Gaines

"The workers were friendly, fast, and efficient, and did a great job. Will definitely have them back next time.”----Eileen Rothermel

"Easy to schedule, windows look great (including screens and sills!), and it was extremely fast!  The team was courteous professional and on time. I will pay this bill with a big smile on my face!”----Stacey Kelly

"Workers did a great job.  The one point off is because I was told 3 workers would come and do the job in 3 hours. Only 2 arrived, did a great job, but took longer and I was nervous houseguests would arrive while they were still here.”----Sally Russo

"Great job! Quick, efficient and windows are sparkling.”----Karen Levenson

"Caleb at Birds Beware has a great crew and does a great job. I am a house manager and have used them at 2 houses with prompt service and great results. Caleb & crew are friendly and experienced. i will continue to use them and highly recommend.”----Leslie M.

"Very efficient and professional.  I love that Victor and his assistant arrived on time and completed the job as requested.”----Heidi Horner

"Your guys were great. Very thorough. See you next time.” ----Susan Olsen

"I highly recommend Birds Beware.  They were very friendly, provided online quotes and follow up invoices for our records and did a fantastic job!!!” ----Cynthia Wallis

"Quick, consciencouc, and courteous.  Beautiful job!” ----Barri Stahl

"Excellent cleaning, efficient and really friendly and professional staff. ” ----Stephanie Madrid

"Friendly service people. Professional and conscientious.” ----Paula Matheson

"My windows look great. No steaks at all. The gentleman who did the cleaning was friendly and worked hard to get some very hard water stains off of several windows.
thank you.” ----Jan Frei

"Guys were nice and work quickly. It would have been nice if they swept our front steps from the mess they created.” ----Charlie Chacos

"The guys did an excellent job and were very obliging to go back over the couple of areas that I noticed needed a bit more attention.” ----Christine Detwiler

"Window washing team of two did a super job in and out and also cleaned the screens. They were in and out in less than two hours.The maids were late (did not arrive at 7:30) good but not thorough as the venetian blinds were not cleaned very well and they did not pull out fridge in the laundry room (very easy to do as it is on rollers) to clean behind and under area of fridge. The maids told us they could not clean the garage floor as a result I had to hose wash and sweep.” ----Dale

"Had a great experience with Caleb. He worked hard and made my house shine.
Thank You!” ----Kammy Young

"Victor and Mario were efficient and professional and the windows are crystal clean. Thanks.” ----Bruce Warren

Efficient” ----Jane Graber

"Outstanding quality of work and very fast” ----Mr. Joe Czyzyk

"I already referred BBW to my neighbor Laura and my friend Mary Cherry.” ----Emily Boggs