Love Standing By The Window? 4 Reasons Why Your Windows May Be Dirtier Than You Think

Why Your Windows May Be Dirtier Than You Think

Do you enjoy standing by your window during winter evenings and sip on your hot cocoa? That sounds like a dreamy fantasy to fit in a busy day. But what makes it impossible is not a hectic work schedule but dirty windows.

Yes! You might think simply wiping your windows with a damp cloth will clear the hazy vision but the problem is deeper than that.

If you have an infant in the house, the problem becomes even more serious. You don’t want your baby to stand up against the support of the glass windows and get filth and germs on their tiny hands. If they’re in the crawling and teething stage, it’s quite likely that they’ll put their mouths against the glass pane and suck on their thumbs as well. This can pose serious health hazards for toddlers. This is why it’s essential to know all the reasons why your window is dirtier than you think.

Steam and Grease

Glass windows in the kitchen are some of the dirtiest parts of the house. All the cooking and frying releases heat and steam, which accumulates on the glass panes, making them greasier. Think of it like this: there’s as much food on the panes as there is in your pots! Not cleaning these windows at the right time will lead to a buildup which will harden and get permanent over time. If your windows are higher up, it’ll be even more difficult to clean them because your hand won’t reach. You’ll need a professional.

Steam and Grease

Pets and Handprints

If you have sliding windows without handles, you’ll probably use your hands to push them open. Count the number of times you open or close the windows and see how many handprints accumulate in a day. Multiply that by the total time and you’ll know how dirty your windows are! If you have pet dogs at home, the situation must be even worse. They like to stick their noses against glass and sniff. This makes your windows less glass and more oil residues left behind from physical contact.

Waterborne Minerals

One of the lucky days you might decide to give your windows a wash. You step outside and pick the hose—but wait! Water that comes directly from the ground contains minerals and sediments that can stay behind on glass windows. This will actually make your windows look dirtier than they are which ultimately defeats the purpose of cleaning them!

If you want to give your house and windows a wash— the professional way— contact us. We’re offering window cleaning services in Aspen and would love to make yours sparkly clean again!